Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the right care at the right time and right place in the most cost-effective manner so that people with disabilities live healthy lives.


We envision a time when all people, regardless of ability, will have the health care service and support needed for lives they find meaningful and productive.


Our strategy is to work in partnership with persons with physical disabilities, as well as their key providers and payors, to address their needs by coordinating a high-quality, cost-effective network of specialized services spanning the continuum of care and support.

Guiding Principles

We value disability care coordination that is:

  • People-centered: Always seeking to identify the member’s individual desired outcomes and goals.
  • Integrated: Incorporating all aspects of physical, social, and psychological needs, using the skills and knowledge of each member of the AXIS staff.
  • Cost-effective: Seeking out the most efficient and effective options in order to achieve the member’s desired outcomes and meet his or her health and safety needs.
  • Goal-oriented: Incorporating quality of life and improved health outcomes that are measurable, through collaborative care planning and decision making between members and their providers.
Where disability care revolves around you.